Sometimes it is a nice feeling when Facebook reminds you of something you did many years ago. Luckily, the day I checked my Facebook memories I stumbled across some old photos from a concert.

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It had me realizing the band has not been back to El Paso since their last show in 2007. Yellowcard has been one of my favorite bands since my youth.

Besides loving their music, I loved every band member that was a part of Yellowcard. I especially had the BIGGEST crush on their violin player Sean Mackin.

Yellowcard had performed at the Abraham Chavez Theater along with Blue October. The two bands were in El Paso on October 29, 2007, for a show.

Both bands put on a hell of a show and got the crowd going wild that night. El Pasoans got crazy during "Lights and Sounds" as well as "Way Away" that evening. Definitely got goosebumps after hearing my ultimate favorites "Only One" and "Ocean Avenue" at their El Paso show. I am so fortunate that I was able to see Blue October but more importantly Yellowcard.

Blue October is familiar with El Paso and has visited often over the years, unlike Yellowcard. But Yellowcard was huge then and made an effort to meet their El Paso fans in 2007 after their show.

I wanted to share some pictures from that concert that some of you may or may not remember. Unfortunately, I was not able to meet Blue October that evening but I sure as hell was happy I met Yellowcard.

But some of us wish we could have seen Yellowcard perform in El Paso more than once. I shared some of my personal favorite songs from Yellowcard and pictures to give you a refresher.

Blue October & Yellowcard 2007

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