Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine speaks out on the remastered, redone, re-everythinged Peace Sells!!

Not only does he plug the Peace Sells reissue, but Mustaine also speaks up about the bands past, his (and the other members) drug use and gives his thoughts on Metallica!!

I can only think that fans that come and flip me off or call out "Metallica," it's like, "Maybe you're saying 'Metallica is great thanks to you. You were a part of it, we love you.'" But a lot of times, they come there to taunt me. And all that is, right now, is people who are holding on to the past, and it's just a reminder to me of how good I've got it. I wouldn't be at this level, playing the places I am, successful, or happy to the degree I am if I hadn't have met James [Hetfield] and Lars, and started on this path together.

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The intro to Peace Sells is still one of my favorite bass lines.  (It's just so damn catchy!!)  In addition to Peace Sells, I've also always liked Steve Harris' "Wrathchild" intro and Cliff Burton on Metallicas' "For Whom The Bell Tolls".  Being a bassist, I could list a million of them ... what about all you guys??  Who had the best bass lick??