After two weeks of very competitive voting for El Paso’s best meteorologist, the people of El Paso have spoken.

El Paso’s favorite meteorologist:

Georgina Terrazas!

Georgina nabbed almost 28% of the 7,700 votes cast in the last two weeks! That’s about 2,100 votes for the Telemundo forecaster. Pretty impressive, especially considering she was added a day late because we forgot about her. Oops. It’s safe to say we can’t forget her now!

In second place is Univision’s Aldo Acosta with 1,200 votes, about 16%.

In third place is Krystal Klei from KVIA with 1,100 votes, proving it never hurts to be talented and hold a cute puppy in your polling photo!

Want to see where your favorite weatherperson landed? Check out the original voting round here or check out the standings below.