House Bill 2107 sky rocketed with support recently, going from just 6 co-authors to 76, including 29 Republicans signing on. The bi partisan backing of the bill gave hope for those that realize medical marijuana is a good thing, considering the majority of Republicans tend to shy away from backing marijuana bills.

Despite the momentum of the bill, it wasn't enough to move it forward as it missed the deadline. But, despite it missing the deadline, Representative Jason Isaac, R-Dripping Springs, the bill's first co-author has said that he:

will look for ways to add the legislation as amendments to other bills still up for debate this session. On Monday, Isaac added an amendment to House Bill 7, a high-priority child welfare proposal that would protect parents who give medical cannabis to their child.

Now, despite this bill missing the deadline. Another bill is still alive, and that would be Texas House Bill 81. This is the bill that would essentially decriminalize marijuana, making it a civil offense, instead of a criminal offense. The bill is on the agenda for today (May 11th, 2017).

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