Ordering a large "coke" at this New York McDonald's took on a whole new meaning!

Undercover police officers in the Bronx busted a McDonald's employee dealing drugs during work hours in a sting operation code-named "Operation Off Menu". According to Gothamist.com:

The 24-hour McDonald's at 1600 Bruckner Boulevard only accepts drive-thru orders during the night-shift, but authorities say that Guerrero allowed drug customers to come into the restaurant. According to the Special Narcotics Prosecutor's officer, "On two occasions, Gurrero conducted drug sales to an undercover officer over the restaurant counter. Guerrero allegedly concealed cocaine within a cookie bag, which he placed inside a larger McDonald’s order containing two cheeseburgers, a soda and fries. Other McDonald’s employees were working at the restaurant at the time."

I wonder if the "customers" had to pay for the food they ordered too or if it was one of those "free with purchase" kind of things?

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