McDonald's is thanking the nation's teachers this week by offering free breakfast to educators. One thing almost everyone can agree on is teachers aren't appreciated or paid nearly as much as they should be. They're tasked with the all-important job of educating future generations and it can be a thankless job. There are long hours, difficult parents and kids, plus endless grading and testing. Teachers are some of the most underpaid and overworked individuals and they deserve more respect from everyone.

McDonald's agrees and they want to take this week to thank all the teachers around the country for their hard work. The Golden Arches is bringing back their "Thank You" meal program this week. From Monday, October 11th through Friday, October 15th teachers, administrators, and school staff can go to their local McDonald's for a free breakfast. The free breakfast includes either an Egg McMuffin, Bacon Egg Cheese Biscuit, or a Sausage Biscuit. The meal includes a side of hash browns and a medium coffee or soft drink.

To get your free "Thank You" breakfast, simply head down to your local McDonald's and present a valid school or district ID and you can get your free breakfast. School workers can even pick up a free breakfast every day this week.

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Find out more details about this limited-time deal at the CNN website.

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