Matteo's Mexican Food Restaurant has officially opened in the Sun City!

Judging by the many social media posts praising the restaurant, it seems to be a hit! And Matteo's seems to really love serving El Paso.


The restaurant is award winning and has one of the best agua frescas I've ever tasted, if you go- ask for the Blue Frost agua fresca, trust me, you won't regret it!

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But, now, Matteo's has created a brand new agua fresca that I feel may trump my favorite Blue Frost. Introducing the Sun City agua fresca!

The color is perfect for the Sun City, and, while I haven't had the pleasure of taste testing this agua fresca, I am definitely a fan of mango and pineapple!

Much like many restaurants who have daily specials, this agua fresca is served only on Wednesdays. But, according to their Instagram, they have many other aguas frescas available everyday for you to choose from. Look at how delicious these look!

Aguas frescas are the bomb. Horchata, melon, frutas, cucumber and Jamaica; they're all good, is the point. If you've never had an agua fresca, well don't fear because awhile back I wrote an article on places where you could find a good agua fresca in El Paso. The top contenders were:

  • Rainbow Fountain
  • La Fuente Michoacana
  • Flautas Y Paleteria Tepalca
  • La Guerita Snacks

Now it looks like I may have to add Matteo's to this list. El Paso defintiely knows a thing or two about aguas frescas so I look forward to tasting this one!

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