Aguas frescas are the bomb. Horchata, melon, frutas, cucumber and Jamaica; they're all good, is the point. If you've never had an agua fresca, never fear because I am here to help you. Well, me and Yelp. Yelp is a review forum for just about anything in your city whether it be bars or restaurants all the way to dentists and salons. If you've never used Yelp before, it's real simple to use because everything reviewed is by people who have been patrons of a certain place! Check out where El Paso users think are the best places to grab yourself a delicious cup of agua fresca.

  • 1. Rainbow Fountain.
    Located at 6232 Montana
    Aside from their tortas, users say: " The aguas frescas and liquados ( shakes) are all delicious and made to order. Theres no watered down jug sitting on the counter." Users also note how fresh they taste: "My partner had the pineapple Agua Fresca and I had the watermelon one. They make them fresh each time you order so it's not like they have a jug sitting in the fridge for days. You can actually taste the freshness in each sip."
  • 2. El Chorreado Mexican Snacks.
    Located at 4164 N. Mesa
    Having just opened a couple of months ago, this place specializes in those Mexican-inspired snacks you crave. Despite having few reviews, this place already has a five star rating. About the aguas frescas, one user noted: "The staff is extremely nice, friendly and helpful. I couldn't decide on what I wanted to order. They explained everything to me in great detail. They even gave me a few samples of their agua frescas of limonada (lemonade), horchata with Abuelita chocolate and others. My favorite was the horchata with chocolate"
  • 3. La Fuente Michoacana
    Located at 12370 Edgemere Blvd.
    Specializing in ice cold treats like popsicles and ice cream, their aguas frescas are also famous. One user noted: "Their ice cream variety is large, their snack are well prepared and the aguas frescas are amazing, especially their Frutas."
  • 4. Flautas y Paleteria Tepalca
    Located at 500 N. Zaragoza
    Specializing in flautas and paletas, obviously, their aguas are also amazing (I know this because I go here often). One user says: "Now back to why we came, those aguas were amazing!!! I got the coconut, youngest got pina colada and oldest melon. All were awesome!"
  • 5. La Guerita Snacks
    Located at 800 N. Yarbrough
    With not much reviews, one user gave it four stars and says: "They have a great selection of aguas frescas, fresh fruit snacks and a variety of other delicious looking items."

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