The History Channel did a feature on these guys awhile back and it was awesome!

The United States Marine Corps are, basically, a bunch of badasses. So how good do they have to be to earn the respect of their co-badasses?  This good!

This is the Marine Corps Silent Drill team and the entire drill is done in silence.  (I don't mean no sound at all, just no audible signals.) They don't say a word, they just know where to be and when to be there.  Check it out below and then (if you want to see more!) watch the second, longer video!

It gets really good when they start throwing things. (about 1:34) Remember, not only is the M-1 rifle a little heavy, (about 10 lbs), those bayonets are real!

That was the "short version", here's a longer one! (I'm not sure if this is the complete routine or not.  It may just be a longer version.)  Much love to all the men and women who have worn the uniform of ANY branch of the American military!!