After the first (exhausting) round, we finally reached our Sweet 16! We're noticing that while the first go at it was simple enough, this round got way harder! This time we brought in our digital girl Leah to help us out because at a few times, we could not agree on a clear winner.

We're getting down to the best of the best. Watch as Joanna passionately defends Samuel L. Jackson and watch how Lisa is very knowledgeable about Andy Serkis of all people! I'm starting to see now why people who do brackets kind of lose their cool and become moody, this is hard! If you're playing along, who made it to the Sweet 16 in your bracket? Stick around for the next video as we pick start off our with our Elite 8! At least we think it's called the Elite 8, we're still not that sure on how brackets work! 


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