Florida, along with New Mexico, never disappoints when it comes to weird or downright crazy people.

Instead of going with the usual "sick kid", "late for job interview', type story to beat his ticket, Julius Lupowitz took a different approach. He dialed 911 and reported a man with a gun. Thinking the cop would go deal with that, the man assumed he would be cut loose.

ABC news released the call in which Lupowitz says:

"There's definitely someone going to get shot. Please, please. Wingate and Hollywood. Please." "There's a man with a gun. I see him looking at me but I don't think he sees I'm on a cell phone. I swear I'm so scared I might get killed myself. Please."

The result? Other cops took the call, 911 traced the fake call back to this dunce's phone and ID'd him while cop #1 was still writing the ticket! That folks, is how you go from paying a traffic fine to facing five years in prison for a felony fake 911 call.