Spiders are freaky little creatures, that can bring out the crazy in people. A West Seattle man took his fear of spiders to a whole new level, by combining a lighter and can of spray paint, in an attempt to kill one in his home.

The man spotted a spider on the wall in the laundry room of his rental house, obviously freaked out and tried to kill hit by combining his lighter and spray paint. The dangerous combination sprayed flames on to the wall, creating a wall of fire he couldn't control.

Fire crews arrived on scene just before 8:30 p.m. and began to fight the fire from the outside, after someone reported hearing ammunition go off inside the house. Once the crew confirmed no ammunition was in the house, they were able to go inside the house and eventually extinguish the blaze.

No one was injured during the fire that broke out in the West Seattle home, Tuesday night, according to Kyle Moore, spokesman for the Seattle Fire Department. They do believe the total cost of damage to the home is about $60,000. The Red Cross is providing temporary shelter for the home's two residents.

If you haven't tried to burn something with a lighter and some kind of aerosol can, here is an idea of what this guy did. Do not try this to kill or burn anything, because there is a huge chance that the fire can come crawling back up that stream and bust in your face