A man decided to starting an offensive chant during a Kindergarten concert, after it was presented in both English and Spanish. You should have just stayed home instead of embarrassing yourself, man.

The kindergarten performance was presented as bilingual, but when the concert was being announced in Spanish, one man decided to get up and start his own lonely chant.

Jeremy Golumski was at the performance and recorded security escorting the man out of the building, who was still chanting, "English Only, USA" as they took him away.

The audience can be heard shouting to take the guy out and look like they weren't amused at his antics at all. No one joined the chant, but everyone is probably going to give that guy the stink eye when they see him around the multilingual town. It's 2015 dude, it's a big benefit to know more than one language. I'd pick up a copy of Rosetta Stone on your way out.

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