Have you ever had any relatives that say they have your best interest but pull pranks on you? This family sure as hell pulled off an epic prank on their kids in the video above!

It is the worst when your family likes to laugh at your own expense. Thug Life 915 had his camera ready for this epic prank that was about to go down. His kids thought they were being filmed for the race they were about to have in the hallway. Not only was this race recorded but also filmed in slow motion. You don't know what to expect when you see two children running as fast as they can. But after they reach the end of the hallway is when you realize they run even faster. After reaching the wall, you hear this loud roar and see someone come around the corner in a clown mask. From the looks of the little girl on the right, her face shows how scared she really is. I would feel comfortable placing a bet that these two kids plan on getting their revenge. Being a mother, I just hope that my son doesn't ever want to pull a prank on me.

So if your own kids pull pranks on you, then this is a good one to try to pull off on them!