What ever happened to just a simple proposal? Just going to a restaurant, getting on one knee and popping the question. Or maybe even being more private, making a nice dinner at home and asking there? Well, apparently lots of guys now have to make the proposal process a gigantic pain in the ass.

A man from Ohio was on vacation with his girlfriend in Arizona. He decided that his proposal was going to involve a gigantic hike up Camelback Mountain. The peak is about 3,000 feet up. Well, the couple made it to the top, the questions was popped and she said yes.

Then the girlfriend turned fiance started hyperventilating and her muscles began to cramp. So they had to call for help, and she ended up being life flighted off the mountain. That's bad enough, right? Well, that's not the end of the story. When the paramedics showed up and after they shipped the lady off the mountain in a helicopter, someone noticed that the guy's heart rate was to high to get back down the mountain. So he ALSO had to be flown off the mountain.

I keep hearing how this gives them a good story, or how these proposals are romantic. Sorry, I don't agree. Just ask the question. Keep it simple.

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