Tragic news from the rock community. A fan has died at a Suicidal Tendencies show. 

Raul Martinez

Last week, Suicidal Tendencies played a show in Switzerland with Terror, Strife and Evergreen Terrace. A 28 year old man decided to stage dive into the moshpit. The man wasn't caught by the crowd below and he ended up hitting his head hard on the ground. At first, the concertgoer didn't think he hurt himself that bad and began walking around the concert again. He ended up being in pain and wanted to go home. Security guards at the show didn't want to take a chance and drove the individual to the hospital. While he was at the hospital, he ended up suffering a seizure and died on Friday.

The police were notified of the man's accident after his condition started to deteriorate. They are investigating the incident, which is normal procedure. They have announced that they believe the man's death is a tragic accident. You can read more about the man's death here. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this man and his family.