Some people just like creating things, just like Allen Pan. He has created a cannon that shoots masks onto people who maybe don't want to wear a mask. Check out the video.

This reminds me of a few different things. My first thought was the face suckers from Alien.

The next thought was Homer Simpson and all of the inventions he came up with in one episode, which included a makeup gun.

Here is some more info about the mask cannon:

This handheld cannon was cobbled together from various parts. The grip came from a spray paint handle, the frame was laser cut, and the pneumatic system is CO2-powered and very similar to what he used to make the swing launcher he built for Colin Furze’s Christmas gift. The mask has strings with weights at the end that wrap around the back of the target’s head to hold the mask securely in place after it makes contact. To make it easy to aim, the cannon was equipped with a laser sight. After testing, Pan took the mask cannon out the Huntington Beach, California to find out how receptive the public was to the idea. People seemed pretty excited about this new way to fight COVID-19, though Pan obviously didn’t shoot anyone without their consent.

Anyone else kind of hoping this thing gets actual, real life use? Imagine the videos that would come out of that.

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