Somebody doesn't understand what the word "pickup" in "pickup basketball game" actually means.

Earlier this week, school advisor Travis Mims picked up special education teacher Katherine Martin and threw her down on the ground during a pickup basketball game at Holly Hill Elementary School in Holly Hill, Fl.

The whole incident was caught on camera (see above). Mims, 27, claims he threw her down because he's clearly out of his mind they had gotten into a dispute about fouling and he took exception to her pushing his face with his hands.

Mims and Martin, 33, were playing for opposing teams in a two-on-two game that featured students and school officials.

As Mims proves, the best way to handle a woman who teaches special ed getting in your grill during an innocent game of hoops is to act like you're Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler. Bravo. Not even the Knicks pull off moves this dumb.

Martin had to go to the hospital with various injuries, while Mims was arrested and resigned from his job. We can't possibly imagine where he'll end up being employed again, but we think part of his punishment should be playing the UConn women's basketball team. There's no way they're going to tolerate his nonsense.