You know you have seen it all when a man lends a helping hand and gets attacked for it! Luckily, a couple driving caught this raging fight that occurred in the middle of traffic.

Suzan Louis was a witness to this funny incident and thankfully caught every hilarious moment on camera. We all have witnessed a fight that seemed out of the ordinary but this definitely takes the cake! One man was simply trying to help out a family of Geese that were crossing a busy road. One goose was not having it when a human was just trying to help the little duckling that needed a hand. The couple in the car couldn't contain themselves as they were recording the brawl between the goose and the human. Usually, animals can sense human intentions but this goose was not taking any chances and just attacked the man.

If you had to give this fight a score you can assume that the goose won this battle hands down!

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