Dear Internet Doctors who continually tell us that COVID-19 isn't anything to worry about because the death rate is so low, this story is for you. Something that has been talked about since the pandemic began is that we don't know what the long term repercussions will be. What are the long term affects on your body?

A doctor at the University of South Florida says that COVID-19 is causing major scarring the lungs. Let's ignore the fact that University of South Florida isn't actually in South Florida. It's in Tampa South Florida is Miami/Ft. Lauderdale. But that's beside the point. X-rays and scans of lungs from COVID-19 patients are showing damage worse than smoking. The damage is even showing up in patients that showed no symptoms.

Dr. Gaetane Michaud, a pulmonologist at USF said:

The lung when it’s scarred is scarred, period.

Dr. Michaud was on the frontline in New York when the pandemic first hit and she's gone over hundreds of X-rays and scans. If you want to see a comparison between a healthy lung, smoker's lung, and the lung of someone who had COVID-19, CLICK HERE. Dr. Michaud explains what you're seeing in the COVID-19 scan.

You have like, it’s almost like a bunch of concrete around a certain area, so nothing can get past that concrete so the oxygen can’t get into the body because those air sacs are so scarred around them that the oxygen can’t get through.

She also explained that once your lungs are scarred, they're scarred for life. That's not something that goes away. So yes. The death rate of COVID-19 isn't the only thing to be concerned with.

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