There have been lots of stray dogs found around the Borderland recently and many rescues and shelters are full. There are plenty of "Lost and Found Pets" pages in the El Paso area where people post dogs, cats, and other lost pets around the region.

During the pandemic, many animal shelters and animal rescues were filled to capacity and people came out to support and foster animals. This allowed other animals who were waiting to be admitted to rescues to have a spot and help save their life.

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Now as many people are returning back to their pre-pandemic lives, the Borderland is seeing a surge in animals being found on the streets.

As a member of the El Paso Pug Rescue, I'm seeing firsthand a surge in pugs being found on the streets, or dumped into people's backyards. In the past month, we've had several dogs come to our rescue with no owners coming forward to claim them.

As more dogs enter the rescue, our foster families are filled up with the dogs coming in. And we're not the only rescue in town needing help. Other rescues like Luna's Fosters Rescue are inundated with stray dogs and are looking for new families to sign up to be a foster home.

ACTion Program for Animals in Las Cruces is also looking for foster homes for the kittens that have come into their animal rescue.

The El Paso Pug Rescue is also asking for people to open their hearts and homes to a pug in need.

If you are able to become a foster home and help out, please visit the El Paso Pug Rescue website, ACTion Program for Animals website, or the Lunas Foster Facebook page.

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