You know Spring time is officially here when people are wearing their team jersey on opening day! The Los Angeles Dodgers will still be playing tonight after a sewage pipe burst on Tuesday night.

The Dodgers have had a winning streak for their last 7 opening days and have high hopes they can continue that steak! Tonight is going to be a special night since Clayton Kershaw will be setting a record for the Los Angeles Dodgers being his eighth opening day! Just recently Dodger Stadium had a sewage pipe burst that left part of the field flooded. This season I am extremely stoked just because Matt Kemp is playing for the Dodgers again. This season is going to be even better and keeping my faith high about the Los Angeles Dodgers making it to the World Series. So if you're a Dodger fan yourself hopefully this Baseball Vault video will get you pumped up for the game tonight!

If you're just as excited as I am for Baseball season please comment who YOUR team is and take the poll below.

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