Besides being stoked about football season being back, that means we can look forward to more bad lip-reads! I am a Los Angeles Chargers fan and know there will be plenty of bad lip-reads from Philip Rivers. I only say that because Philip Rivers is ALWAYS yelling when the camera lands on him. But he isn't the only one you will see featured on the Bad Lip-Reading video above.

It is crazy how in sync the lip readers match up to the movement of their verbiage is on camera. The bad lip-reading doesn't just focus on the football players but also the coaches and sometimes the reporters. One of the funniest bad lip-readings on the video above was Eli Manning wondering if he turned off the light. I believe the way they do highlights for the games, they should do a bad lip-reading session too. Since we've kicked off the football season hopefully we can look forward to more bad lip-reading videos!