Since the stay at home order's been lifted, does that mean we can expect some traffic on the road? If you sometimes take North Mesa Street to get to places plan on leaving earlier or taking an alternate route. There is a possible chance you can come across some traffic on North Mesa Street today. The most problematic area that will have a slow flow of cars will be near UTEP.

So if you're leaving the Westside to head Downtown you will need to merge into one lane at Kern. But if you're heading West on North Mesa Street from Downtown, also will turn into one lane beginning on Baltimore Drive. Both directions on North Mesa Street will be cut down to just one lane except heading West it will be one lane until Brentwood Avenue. They're doing their usual repairs that are needed on the streets. It's unsure whether or not we can expect that route to be congested since the stay at home order is now expired.

I'm curious if that area under construction will be congested with cars since we can go out and about now. Since the stay at home order has been dismissed as of midnight, could this mean more drivers on the road? Leave your opinion in the box below.

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