This isn't the first vert ramp in El Paso but they are trying to build one of the biggest in the Southwest!

Local skateboarder Phillip "Philly" Sullivan is looking to bring something big to El Paso. Something that you would only see on tv. El Paso doesn't have a Vert Ramp, like the kind you would see in a Professional Skateboarding Competition, like the X-Games. And Sullivan is looking to change that for local skaters.

On the westside of El Paso, Sulllivan and others have started to build a large, 12 foot tall, 28 foot wide, 60 foot long ramp in the Upper Valley. The group have the majority of the materials for this massive project, but they need additional funding for the remaining material and for maintenance down the road.

According to Sullivan,

It's gonna be one of the biggest in the Southwest. There isn't anything from Austin to Phoenix. It's the only vert in El Paso right now for sure. It's the one of biggest transition in El Paso currently at 12 Feet, the only other one is the deep end of the bowl at the Northeast Regional, which I believe is also 12, maybe 12.5? Not too sure on that. But, we are gonna have foam pits and spotting belts to teach people advanced tricks and new techniques. But definitely the only vert ramp, specificlly. It's 12 feet tall, 28 feet wide, and about 59+ feet long. We are talking massive.

The group are looking to reach a goal of $2,000 to help with this project. A GoFundMe was started and has reached only about $400. To donate, please visit the GoFundMe page.

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