A nurse in El Paso is going viral for her post on social media about those in the city who aren't taking the novel coronavirus seriously. The woman says she has seen people in El Paso who aren't socially distancing, think the pandemic is a hoax and are taking the virus too lightly. As someone on the frontlines of this crisis, ICU nurses are most likely the last person someone dealing with COVID-19 will see and it has taken a toll on the nurses that are charged with caring for them.

This ICU nurse in El Paso is fed up with the way some Americans are writing off COVID-19. She posted the photo above saying it summed up her feelings after a long day dealing with the COVID-19 crisis at work. She shared her message online and explained that these people aren't seeing what happens behind the doors of the hospitals:

"You have not seen a patient die ALONE and have the courage to call their family over the phone and tell them that their husband, wife, son, daughter, will not be coming home. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. Some will say that we signed up for this, we did not sign up for this pandemic, us, as global citizens DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS. We, the frontline, are dealt the cards we are dealt with and get through it the best we can. They don’t teach this stuff in nursing school."

The woman finished off her statement by saying she doesn't believe Texas is ready to be opening yet since we haven't seen the peak in cases. The sacrifices being made by nurses are the same ones she is making as well. She hasn't hugged or kissed her husband or slept in her own bed since her hospital began seeing COVID-19 patients coming through their doors. She believes there are bigger things that we should be worried about:

"An economy can be rebuilt, but, you cannot bring back people from the dead."

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