Beekeepers in Fabens recently had their hives destroyed and millions of bees were killed.

The Ceballos Honey Farm has been operating in Fabens since 1973.

At some point about a week ago, some jerk ran over their beehives killing an enormous number of bees and destroying the hives and equipment. Here is the official tally posted on Facebook:

The quantifiable loss was totaled at 86 beehives. Each beehive has approximately 50,000 bees which will produce approximately 100 pounds of honey per year. That is a total of 4.3 million bees unable to provide 8,600 pounds of honey this year. Honey is becoming a scarce product and its demand is on the rise.

The loss of bees is a growing, and very serious, problem worldwide. Without bees pollinating plants, the plants won't grow. If bees vanish completely, it would cause a great deal of our food supply to vanish as well. Basically, if the bees all die, many of us die as well.

If you have any information as to who vandalized the Ceballos Honey Farm, please contact the El Paso Sheriff's Department.  You can click that link, call 915-546-2280,
e-mail them or make an anonymous report. You can also contact the farm at (915) 764-2669.

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