These guys were kind of on hiatus for a minute, now they're back!

Read the story of Revati, in their own words:

Formed and founded in El Paso, Texas in 2012, Revati originally consisted of Stevieray (Singer), Vlad (Lead Guitar), Alex (Drums), Andy (Guitar), and Michael (Bass). Given the nature of a band itself, Revati was not without lineup changes. Michael soon departed the band, with his successor briefly being Ray, and finally Crow in 2013; in addition, the current lineup also now includes Ray Arreola on guitar.
Revati has claimed and been adorned with several noteworthy credentials and accomplishments, including playing the KLAQ Balloonfest, HMV Rockfest, and being three time Battle of the Band winners. The band has also played shows with acts such as Halestorm, Trapt, Aranda, This Town Needs Guns, and more.
With music that can only be described as an amalgamation and coalescence of a myriad of distinctly unorthodox sounds and unabashed creativity, Revati sets themselves apart with music that is as energetic and coruscating as their live performances. Whatever the future holds, wherever Revati is, it can be said: something mystic this way comes….

Catch 'em live May 30th at B-17 Bombers Oyster Pub and again June 1st at Love Buzz!!

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