Another local band for ya'll to check out!

Meet The Deep Shadows!  Here's their story, in their own words:

El Paso based funk/rock group The Deep Shadows produce a cosmic sound comprised of soulful melodies, strong rhythm, and heavy vocal intrusions.  The group's name was inspired by a dark and soulful Little Ann tune of the same title.  The band first became a thing in the summer of 2014 when guitarist Marcos Smith and vocalist Michael Calderon got together and started recording demos in Calderon’s apartment living room. Before their musical venture began they were both playing in different groups in El Paso years ago. Smith played and toured extensively in the instrumental progressive and psyche rock group Zechs Marquise of Sargent House and Rodriguez Lopez Productions. Smith toured alongside groups such as Rx Bandits and various Omar Rodriguez Lopez projects among others.  The foursome began playing shows in the Summer of 2016 after syncing up with local jazz drummer Joaquin Aragon and bassist Erik Duran.  The group now includes Vince Perez on Saxophone.

The Deep Shadows went into the studio in 2017 to begin working on their self-titled EP, which unquestionably defines the groups sound with its moody grooves and dark textures.  The EP includes collaborations with producer and recording engineer Chris Common from These Arms Are Snakes, production work from Steve Choi of Rx Bandits, and studio magic with Roger Camaro of Bright Lights Studios.


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