Yep, it's a real exit and the story behind the name is kinda funny. Kinda....

The Exit 116 story, according to their Facebook page, is:

West Texas rockers Exit 116 originated in December of 2006 and have rocked the stage with bands like Chevelle, Soil, Saliva, Cavo, Sick Puppies & The Charlie Daniels Band. They released their debut album “Life of Alibis” in 2008 and are currently working on their second album. Exit 116's music is a great combination of all its influences ranging from alternative rock to hard rock/metal!

Their name comes from their drummers' experience in Odessa on Interstate 20 He got arrested for driving with a revoked license and didn't see exactly how they got to the jail. Once released, he remembered taking Exit 116 so, when he called friends to come get him, that's what he told them ... "Take Exit 116 and go right until you see a jail"!