This Local Loco can not only entertain you, he could also save your life!!

Dr. Alan Lee Carpenter opened Upper Valley Urgent Care in 2006 and he and his wife Norma have been treating El Pasoans daily ever since. (They even fixed me up after an accident once!)  Dr. Carpenter is also a singer/songwriter. Here's his story in, of course, his own words:

I have been a writer and musician all my life. Although I couldn’t sing or carry a tune, I have continued to write music. In the past year, I was attracted to the music of Dylan Charbeneau who operates a sound studio and musical publishing business. That company has professionally prepared my music.

The singer, Liam Cloud has a voice in my range so he is a perfect fit. Dylan Charbeneau and Liam Cloud live and work in Barcelona Spain. Nevertheless through the wonders of our digital age, I submitted a collection of tunes. The genre is soft rock, coffee-shop, easy listening with a Latin twist. Take a listen. The songs are available digitally via Amazon, SpotifyYouTube and others.

Check out the good Doctor's music at the above links and, if you find yourself in need of medical attention, ask him to serenade you while he's looking you over at UVUCC!

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