What's a scene, either from a movie, T.V. show or book, that always, without fail, makes you cry? I'll go first.

I'm not entirely sure why, but the movie "La Bamba" came up at the dinner table the other day. My nephews, to my surprise, had never seen the movie. So we decided to watch it. Then, that moment came up- you know which one. Ritchie wins the coin toss and gets on the plane. Then, Bob and Ritchie's mom hear the news on the radio that his plane crashed.

Bob, full of grief, goes to a bridge and yells out "RITCHIE!" while "Sleep Walk" plays in the background. That yell he makes, and that final clip of Bob and Ritchie running up that hill!

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I get chills as soon as "Sleep Walk" starts, and by the time Bob yells out "Ritchie!" I'm a mess. It gets me every single time. Also to this day, I cannot hear "Sleep Walk" and not yell out "Ritchie!" at the end!

Because I was already in a crying mood, I decided to take this topic over to social media. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to find out what our listeners think. So we asked you to "Name a Scene That Always Makes You Cry"

It didn't matter if it was from a movie or a T.V. show or even a book- I wanted to hear from you! You really didn't disappoint me with this one. We got over 90 comments! So, if you're in a crying mood too, check out some of the best ones below- but be forewarned, some of these will definitely get the water works going!


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