Santa Claus will be making his yearly trip to Sun City soon. Yeah, that's right, Santa Claus will still be visiting all the good little children around the world despite the pandemic. Despite Santa's underlying conditions- obesity, possibly diabetes (because of all those cookies) and his age (the guy is like, thousands of years old) Dr. Fauci assured children everywhere that Santa Claus is immune to COVID-19. There went my theory of just telling children that Santa didn't make it this year. Oh well. Nevertheless, we can all be assured that Santa Claus is coming to town and will be spreading nothing but Christmas joy, not COVID-19. Which begs the question- should we harvest Santa's blood to find a cure?! But I digress.

Like many children, when I was younger I was always trying to get a glimpse of old Saint Nick- which was kind of hard because my family opened gifts on Christmas eve and I always wondered when did he have the chance to sneak in and bring the gifts? I was clueless, but I still wanted to see what he looked like- I didn't want a janky mall Santa; I wanted to see the real thing! Alas, it wasn't meant to be and I never got to confirm if he really had that long, white beard and glasses.

I'm sure we all have an image in our head of what Santa Claus looks like, but I always wondered: "what if Santa Claus was from El Paso?" Would Santa look different if he came from the Sun City instead of the North Pole? I hopped onto Facebook and asked our loyal listeners the same question: "How would Santa Claus Look if He Were from El Paso?" and, well, our listeners never disappoint. Here are some of my favorite answers!

You can check out all the answers here.

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