Welcome back to another edition of "Joanna Asks & Listeners Answer." It's the brand new name I'm giving to the responses we get when we ask a question on our Facebook page. The last one that we did, entitled "Listeners Tell Us the Movie Quote they Randomly Shout Out",  had such great responses that I decided to do it again. Keeping with the movie theme, this week's question was: "What Happens in Movies that Never Happens In Real Life?"

I came up with the idea after watching "Pleasantville". In it, Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon transport throught their television and into a 1950's sitcom. In a scene, Reese Witherspoon's character is served a huge breakfast, that she doesn't really eat.

Oh. My. God. Why does that look delicious? Even in black and white it looks amazing.

Shortly after, I watched "The Parent Trap" (because apparently I wanted to remember what it was like in 1998) and Lindsay Lohan's character doesn't want to eat the big breakfast Chessy prepares for her. I realized then, that it kind of irked me that these characters had a huge breakfast and didn't really bother to eat it. Also, how early did they have to get up to prepare this feast?! I barely wake up in time to brush my hair before I have to head out to work! I feel like this is something that only happens in movies and never in real life!

Of course, our listeners didn't disappoint with their responses, some even took the time to roast us in the comments section (we see you).

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