This is the heading of an e-mail I received over the weekend...


And this was the comment...

Buzz, talk about this farce.  Perhaps the funniest serious movie of all time!

If you weren't one of the millions (seriously, millions) of people who saw Sharknado on Syfy last week, here's a summary:

What are thespians like Ian Ziering and Tara Reid doing in a movie with that hack John Heard??

A freak hurricane (why it wasn't called Sharkicane is still an unanswered question) deposits thousands of man-eating sharks in the greater Los Angeles area.  Despite the fact that a shark on dry land should be about as frightening as a tiger at the bottom of the ocean, this was a horror movie.  But, in answer to my e mailer, I don't think this is the funniest serious movie of all time. Here's why...

       First of all, it's not really a "serious" movie.  Syfy has found that people like to watch horrible movies, even without the Mystery Science team commenting on them. I think they spend a lot more money making the effects look bad than trying to make them look good.

Secondly, the best worst movie in recent times certainly has to be a little 2008 indie film called Birdemic.  The awfulness that is Birdemic is made even more awesome by the fact that the director, James Nguyen, seems to be utterly earnest in every interview he's ever given that this was a serious movie.

Watch this interview as Nguyen answers the tongue-in-cheek interviewer with the steely demeanor of an artist who takes great pride in his craft...and try not to laugh.