Over the weekend, members from Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold and Of Mice & Men got together and made some sweet, sweet music. Mike Shinoda captured the funky musical magic on his Instagram account, with the caption, “In this video, some unnamed idiots are seen having a good time.”

Among the musicians in the video (watch above) are Linkin Park's Shinoda on keyboards, Avenged Sevenfold's Synyster Gates on guitar and A7X's M. Shadows and Of Mice & Men's Austin Carlile sharing the mic.

This isn’t the first video featuring Linkin Park and Of Mice & Men. Members of both of those bands were in the LPTV (Linkin Park TV) video that showed Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington breaking his ankle while playing basketball. The groups were set to tour together through Feb. 14 of this year, but had to scrap the trek after Bennington’s injury. Check out that episode of LPTV here.

All three of the bands have a packed festival lineup in their futures. Linkin Park are a part of the big Rock in Rio USA festival on May 9, and then head to Rock on the Range on May 15. Of Mice & Men will be joining Linkin Park for Rock in Rio USA and Rock on the Range, while Avenged Sevenfold have appearances at Rock USA and Rock Fest lined up for this July.

Linkin Park will also be playing the Loudwire Music Festival, taking place June 26-28 at the Jam Ranch just outside Grand Junction, Colo. Learn more about the festival here.

We recently caught up with Mike Shinoda at a Music for Relief press conference about Rock in Rio USA and he said he is most excited to be sharing the bill with Metallica. “Look, we thankfully have played with Metallica a number of times. They took us out on tour years ago and we hit it off and have luckily had a chance to run into those guys a number of times,” said Shinoda. “They’re great dudes and obviously a band that we totally look up to. That’s always like my No. 1. Anytime we get to play with Metallica, I always watch the show. If you see when they go up on the big risers behind Lars‘ kit, like if James is up there singing, I’m usually behind him watching or taking pictures on Instagram."

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