The 2016 election has been called a 'circus' by many people. Well, the Libertarian has decided to throw their hat in the race and become mainstream by adding some sexy dance moves from party chairman candidate James Weeks.

We all got to see some sweet, sexy moves on C-Span today while they were covering the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando, Florida. James Weeks is a candidate for party chair, he told the crowd he stripped down to his undies because of a dare. I'm glad someone sticks to their word when they are dared to do something. I think the producers of Chippendales and Magic Mike might need to book this guy.

I'm sure you almost went into seizure of pleasure after watching James on stage. The crowd was feeling him at first but after he was done the crowd began to boo him. Party poopers. One guy was quick enough to run on stage and give our performer a dollar bill.

In case you were wondering former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson won the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination.