Machine Gun Kelly, Miley Cyrus, and now Doja Cat are all embracing their metal and rock sides and we should celebrate that. For years now, we've been hearing from rock artists how the mainstream media has been ignoring the genre and the rock and metal music isn't getting the appreciation and recognition that it deserves. In 2017, Ultimate Classic Rock compiled a list of rockers who proclaimed that the genre is now dead and it included some iconic names in rock music like Gene Simmons, Joe Perry, and others. While some did indeed agree with the statement, others explained rock and metal music isn't dead but is rather in a really poor state. Various factors were brought up including the rise of the internet making it more difficult for up-and-coming bands to make ends meet pursuing a music career. Also, the musical taste of the masses has changed a lot since the early days of rock and metal. EDM and rap music has become the more profitable genres that new artists are pursuing. But now, we're seeing a shift, and some of the biggest names in pop music are coming back to their rock roots.

Machine Gun Kelly made headlines when announced he would be having Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker producing his new album and many were skeptical what the rapper's new pop-punk sound would be. Now, his guitar-driven pop-rock album "Tickets To My Downfall" debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and was the first to hit number one on the chart in over a year. MGK has been praised for successfully transitioning from a rapper to a pop-punk solo artist. Also featured on the album is Halsey, who herself has already dabbled in the rock genre, working with Bring Me The Horizon's Oli Sykes on a single for the "Birds of Prey" soundtrack. The song, called "Experiment On Me," had the pop artist embracing a more punk style and she has discussed wanting to make an entire album in that particular style of music, per NME. Miley Cyrus has also announced that she will be releasing a rock album according to Loudwire.

The latest pop artist to dip their toes into the rock genre is rapper/singer Doja Cat. She made headlines a couple of years ago with her hilarious video for her impromptu song "Bitch I'm a Cow" and since then has been dolling out hits. During this month's 2020 MTV EMA performance, Doja Cat gave fans a reworked version of her hit "Say So." She paid homage to the horror classic "The Ring," and then belted out the song accompanied by a rock version of the tune. Fans loved her performance, saying Doja Cat is officially a rock star. We should be embracing artists who want to open their fans' minds to the rock and metal genre. Some of them may realize all the amazing bands that we have and start appreciating rock music more. This can only make the genre better and have more people learning who bands are on popular t-shirts and not just wear them because they think they're cool.

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