Anyone who is a fan and enjoys eating lentils sure does have quite the tolerance. Since the very first day, I tried a spoonful of lentils and NEVER liked them since. If you can stand eating lentils I give major props to you. When lentils are being served at a family function or at a restaurant, I steer clear. Lentils are a food I will flat out refuse to eat even if it is the last thing on Earth. As we're quickly approaching summer a lot of people enjoy eating lentils in their summer salads. Not sure how some people can enjoy the earthy taste lentils have. The only downer about disliking lentils is the health benefits you get from eating them. Lentils help lower cholesterol, increase your energy, good source of protein, and more.  I know not all healthy food has the best taste but in my opinion, lentils are the enemy to my tastebuds. I want to know if you also dislike lentils just as much, so take the poll below!

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