Just the other day, I'd read something interesting about the London O2 Zeppelin reunion show possibly being released this November. I thought, "That's pretty cool!" and let you guys know. At that point it was still a rumor, and now it's a pretty-much-confirmed rumor. November 22nd is the projected release date, with possibly some movie theater showings, too!

The Cineplex theaters are planning to show the concert, called "Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day" in their theaters on October 17th. The DVD/CD/Blu-ray discs should be out by Thanksgiving.

On the official Led Zeppelin Facebook page, there's been a countdown over the last few days, and today is "1", so tomorrow they should release all the complete information on what we can expect. So far, the "confirmation" has come from London's The Sun, which is not known for it's amazing accuracy on music release information, but so far, all indicators are pointing to something close.

Tomorrow we shall see!