1 man is dead and three others injured after men cut the line at a taco truck in Austin and a fight broke out.

Sometimes all you want after a night of drinking is some great food truck tacos before you hit the hay. For some men in Austin, their late night taco run ended in a brawl, gunfire and a dead body.

Just after 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 8th, the Austin Police responded to 911 calls of gunfire at a taco truck in Lanier Village. When police arrived, they found a 39 year-old man dead and three other people injured.

When witnesses were questioned about the shooting, they said that it all started after men cut in line for tacos.

That's right. A man, Rigoberto Jose Castillo lost his life over tacos.

Castillo confronted two men, Osiel Benitez Benitez and Juvenile Benitez Carbajal, for cutting him in line. The three men began to brawl when Benitez Benitez went to his truck, pulled out a gun and fired into the group of patrons outside the taco truck. Castillo was shot and killed, as well as three women who were injured, one of them critically.

The two men then got into their vehicle and fled the scene, but one witness followed their truck and was able to get their license plate. Police then arrested Benitez Benitez a his home the next morning.

Safe to say he won't be getting the luxury of tacos again for a very, very long line. I also don't think he'll be cutting lines in prison, no matter how good the food is.

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