A Las Cruces band has written a song for El Paso and is offering it to everyone for free online.

Theory 7 recently wrote a song that they decided to offer as a gift to everyone. It didn't start out to be about or even to El Paso but, that's the path it took and now you can download it free. According to the Theory 7 Facebook page:

We began writing this song as a way to heal from recent unexpected personal losses. The tragedy that took place in our sister city of El Paso, TX on August 3, 2019 brought the song an entirely new meaning and sentiment. We would like to dedicate this song to all of the victims and families affected by the recent tragedy as well as anyone suffering any personal loss of loved ones.

This song is available for all to download free of charge as a show of respect to the innocent lives lost in El Paso.

Download the song here:

If you have trouble with the download, PM them and they'll email it to you!!

Thank you Theory 7. Very classy my friends, well done.