When Babymetal first stepped into the rock spotlight I thought it was adorably genius. Now Ladybaby is here to confuse us all with their adorable lyrics, yet a hardcore sound of a guy dressed in a baby doll dress.

The lone man in the band is named Ladybeard, and he is fabulous! He spends time telling fans how cute they are and still can take down the toughest of men.

According to Ladybeard's Facebook page, he first appeared in the wrestling scene with this crossdressing character. Once he began to gain popularity, he tried his luck in the music scene in 2010. His heavy metal screams intertwined into classic Cantonese pop songs with hyper-aggressive, comical songs is how Ladybeard describes Ladybaby's music.

Ladybaby and Babymetal should go on tour together and maybe jump on that Adele North America tour. I feel it would be a great combination.