Lacuna Coil‘s latest album Dark Adrenaline’ pays homage to some of the band’s biggest metal influences throughout the years. Case in point: ‘My Spirit’ off the release is dedicated to late Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele, the man whom singer Cristina Scabbia says turned her on to heavy metal music.

“I’ll be honest with you: Type O Negative and Paradise Lost are the reason I got into heavy music and why I’m doing this right now,” Scabbia told Oregon Music News. “I love their music to death. We got to be very close to not only Peter but the rest of the band. I found that I wasn’t only connected to their music but to them as people through our friendship.

“We still see [drummer] Johnny [Kelley] and [guitarist] Kenny [Hickey] when we’re in New York or if they’re in Italy. We cross paths on the road and make time for each other. (pause) I still miss Peter a lot… it was some crazy news. Just when I thought he was doing better, then a month later Paul Gray [Slipknot bassist] passed, too. (pause) Everything dies… everyone dies.”

Looking back on Lacuna Coil’s lengthy back catalog of albums, Scabbia says the band’s current release is her favorite. “‘Dark Adrenaline’ … is the perfect balance between the old and new. You’ll hear the new influences and a heavier sound. You’ll also hear a lot of references from previous albums like ‘Kill the Lights,’ which could have come off the ‘Comalies’ album.”