If you’ve ever wanted to attend a poetry slam with the likes of Marilyn Manson, Black Veil Brides, Korn or My Chemical Romance, now’s your chance.

Amp Rock TV has launched a compelling new series simply called ‘The Words,’ which features rock icons from different genres delivering lyrics from one of their own songs, in a whole new medium. There’s no music, it’s just the artist in a black and white video, reciting the lyrics of some of their most influential tunes in a truly profound way.

The powerful videos show a stark contrast to how you normally see each of the artists during a live setting. One of the most dramatic videos is served up by Marilyn Manson delivering his new song ‘Overneath the Path of Misery’ from his upcoming disc ‘Born Villain.’ Manson seems to throw himself into the performance art aspect of the video as much as the lyrical content, resulting in an intimate and vulnerable video.

Korn’s take on ‘Chaos Lives in Everything’ features Jonathan Davis reciting the lyrics set to a video of the whole band participating in the performance art. It’s cinematic, dramatic, and offers up a fresh new vision for the song.

The other videos, featuring bands already known for their dramatic flair – Black Veil Brides and My Chemical Romance – round out the perfect four pack. The four videos are dubbed ‘Series One’ so hopefully they’re just the beginning of this truly unique project. Check them all out below.

Watch ‘Series One’ of ‘The Words’