If you missed Korn on Jimmy Kimmel last night, don't worry!  I have the vid right here for you!  (Plus bonus videos!)

Korn released their new cd "The Paradigm Shift" yesterday and went on Jimmy Kimmel last night to hype the release by performing the discs first single; "Never, Never"! They also did a Korn classic, "Blind", that was not televised.  (Not to worry though, I have that vid for you as well!)

Wait!!  There's more!!  I also included a 10 minute segment from their upcoming documentary "Reconciliation" that's focused on "Heads" first full concert since returning to Korn!!  :)


The Paradigm Shift is Korns 11th release and it's the first one to feature Brian "Head": Welch since he left the group in 2005.  Korn, (with "Head"!) will be coming back to see us later this month!!

They return to the Socorro Entertainment Center October 26th.  Keep listening to El Pasos best rock, KLAQ for more information and for chances at other special prizes ... maybe even a chance to meet Korn!!