Korn’s ‘The Path of Totality’ recently took the Revolver Golden God Awards for ‘Album of the Year.’ When we got to talk to Korn bassist Fieldy on the Black Carpet before the event, he talked about the fans’ reaction to the new album and which fellow rock act he would want to collaborate with musically.

When asked about what the acceptance of fans embracing the new album means to him, he responded by saying, “You get a little nervous and we started with an EP and we’re like, ‘Is this gonna work?’ We were a little nervous and we released ‘Get Up,’ which is the first song we did with Skrillex, for free just to get feedback.”

He continues, “Everybody was diggin’ it so we were like, ‘Let’s keep doing this’ and just ended up doing a whole CD.”

When we asked him what musician or group he would love to collaborate with, he said “Artist-wise, I would love to collaborate – not even with some members but the whole band like everybody mixing into one song, I would love to collaborate with Metallica.”

‘The Path of Totality’ beat out albums from Anthrax, Evanescence, Five Finger Death Punch, Foo Fighters and Lamb of God to take home the Revolver Golden God for Album of the Year.

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