The Dirt premieres on Netflix Friday. You can watch it pretty much anywhere but, if you want a shot at some MAJOR prizes, watch it with us, THIS FRIDAY!

The movie based on the Motley Crue autobiography, "The Dirt", premieres Friday night.  Forget "Netflix and chill", get off the couch and come watch it with us for a truly rockin' and "unique" experience.

Our special screening takes place at one of Texas' last drive-in theaters, the Fiesta Drive-In, located at 13800 Montana. Which, also happens to show adult movies and has its own adult novelty store. (We're talking about a raunchy movie set in a raunchy time that you'll be seeing from the privacy of your own car so; any 'souvenirs' you buy there could come in handy...just sayin'.)

We're also giving away some kick-ass prizes:

Doors open at 7pm and admission is FREE. We're limited to 200 cars though so, don't be late!!  18 and up only, 21 and up can BYOB!  We'll start giving away prizes at 7:30pm and the movie starts at 8:30pm.