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Every year the KLAQ Halloween Parade has brought joy, laughter and screams to Album Park. It is a tradition, at least for us, to spend our days preparing for the hundreds of El Pasoans who line the streets to see all the parade floats and the Buzz Adams Morning Show exclusive float. This year, you will be happy to see them following the yellow brick road as the Wizard of Oz gang.

After over 30 years of putting on this parade, I would think everyone would be probably prepared for everything that comes with the parade but for those newcomers, this guide is for you.

Like other parades, you need to make sure you have enough time to get to the parade to set up your parade watching site. Here are a few things you need to survive the KLAQ Halloween parade.

Outdoor Portable Sports Chair

You can go ahead and really use any portable chair possible to sit your booty on while you wait for the parade to start BUT you should make it Halloweeny. Those who love Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas can totally get this gorgeous outdoor chair featuring three expressive Jack Skellington faces. This chair is so perfect for surviving any situation, you do not need to use it just for Halloween.



El Paso is known as the Sun City, so even it if rains, an umbrella is also a necessity when waiting and watch the KLAQ Halloween parade. You can really use any umbrella you have or you can get a very special Halloween parade. Keep the spooky thing going, even with your umbrella.


Mountain Dew VooDew Flavor

As you wait for the parade, or while you are enjoying it, you know you are going to get thirsty. You might as well drink the spirit of Halloween, which now comes in Mountain Dew form. If you love sweet drinks, then you have to get yourself some 'Voodew' flavored Mountain Dew.



Most kids are going to be getting out of school just in time to make it to the KLAQ Halloween parade. That means they are probably going to be hungry, so give them a little snack before they eat tons of candy. While I do recommend an actual meal, if you need to rush to the parade, Rice Krispies are my go-to on the go snack:


Bag or Bucket for Candy

I put this item at the end of the list because while most of these should be common items, a candy bag or bucket is something we so easily forget. You MUST have some safe place to put all your candy because you are going to get a ton during the parade. If we are lucky, we will get bags of chips like last year!