This year marks the 30th annual Balloonfest and it still rocks just as hard as it did from the beginning. Searching around YouTube, I stumbled across a video that was made before I was even born.

Arturo Dorado posted this video back in 2013, but it was originally filmed in 1990. I wasn't even conceived yet, but all these people were already enjoying Balloonfest. I am just amazed to be witnessing the glory of the 90's. The outfits are on point, the volleyball skills are strong and the bands were hot, at least that's what people say.

Balloonfest started back in 1986 at what was called Mountain Shadow Lakes (now Lake El Paso) near Horizon City. This year's Balloonfest will be rocking Wet N' Wild where both the balloon launch and the concerts will take place.

The outfits may be different now, but Balloonfest attendees are still just are crazy. Excuse any awkwardness felt from the video during the few seconds that he is trying to get the woman to say something. I can't read lips so let's just pretend she says KLAQ rocks.